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15 (new) things I learned at WordCamp Reno-Tahoe 2011

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My WordCamp Reno-Tahoe 2011 Badge

For months now, I’ve been stumbling around WordPress. Sure, I have a blog, post to it semi-regularly, and have installed enough plugins and widgets to make it somewhat functional.

But, I’ve always known there was more. As websites increasingly migrate toward the Web 2.0 engagement paradigm, it is apparent that WordPress has become the de facto platform-de-jure, for not only the blogs for which it was originally intended, but for entire websites.

During the 90s, I’d been a moderately successful website designer, but some time taken off had put me far behind the curve to the point where I either had to evolve my skills or throw in the towel. I chose the former.

Therefore, it was with no little satisfaction that I learned of WordCamp Reno-Tahoe 2011, a two-day series of workshops being held on the UNR campus, less than a mile from where I live. It was affordable, too!

I hastened to register.

And this morning I packed up my laptop, threw a notebook and some pencils into my backpack, and headed out for an entire day of WordPress instruction. Boy, was it ever worth it!

Not only was there swag (stickers and decals, pencils, buttons, and even a t-shirt), but evangelists as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as any fanboy in the earliest days of Apple Computers. I even learned (much to my chagrin) that there is an active WordPress community here in Reno, of which I’d been woefully unaware—even though I’ve lived here for the past 8 years.

There was even a Genius Bar (similar to Apple’s), where WordPress experts were on hand to help folks like—answering questions and offering solutions. WordPress, after all, is more than a blog, and—for all its ease of use—can be more than a little intimidating.

But, enough preamble. Here are just a few of the things I learned today that will, hopefully, a) make me a better blogger, and b) make ScribeSite.com a better blog Continue reading 15 (new) things I learned at WordCamp Reno-Tahoe 2011

Two more reasons why you should tag and categorize your WordPress posts

google indexes tags and categories | roger scime | scribe site
Google's Indexing

Just as a matter of form, I’ve been categorizing and tagging posts on my blog, Scribe Site, assuming it would simply make it easier for visitors to conduct in-site searches.

Boy, was I wrong! It turns out that Google not only indexes content, but the tags and categories for each blogpost.

A short while ago I Googled myself (roger scime) and discovered a couple of surprises on the first page of the SERPs.

The first surprise:

google indexes wordpress tags | roger scime | scribe site
Google Indexes Algonquin Round Table tag

Wow! I hadn’t expected that. I clicked the link and this is what was returned:

wordpress tag | google | roger scime | scribe site
Returned when clicked

There’s the tag: “algonquin round table.”

I checked my SERPs again, and found this:

google category | roger scime | scribe site
Google SERP: category

which led to this:

google indexes wordpress categories | roger scime | scribe site
Google indexes "internet" category

That was something I’d posted just the day before yesterday, regarding the outage of Amazon’s server farm: the first page of Google’s SERPs. Is that cool, or what?

Now, this may be something that’s been known about in the blogging community for a while, but it came as a surprise to me.

If anybody knows of other Google surprises, please let me know via the comment box at the end of this post.