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Cary Tennis is still giving amazing advice . . .

Cary Tennis, Writer
The Thinker

A while back I posted a review of Cary Tennis’s book, Since You Asked, a compilation of his columns that appeared in (on?) Salon.com from 2001-2013.

While Cary no longer writes for Salon, he continues to offer the sanest, most insightful, and empathetic advice online or offline — anywhere—on his own website.

Cary also conducts regular writing workshops, a few of which I have been lucky enough to attend. He also hosts some pretty cool jam sessions.


Have a problem? Chances are Cary Tennis Has a(n) answer

Since You Asked by Cary Tennis
Since You Asked by Cary Tennis

Cary Tennis has been penning the Since You Asked column for Salon.com, since 2001, offering sagely advice on such topics as:

  • Help! I’m falling for a fat man — Weighing in, in Washington
  • My wife quit shaving her legs and it turns me off — Worried in South Carolina
  • I’m a gifted high achiever who wants to be a flight attendant —Undecided
  • At what point can I just give up on my son? — Giving Up on the Kid
  • Should I stick with my girlfriend through here cancer? — Confused in Colorado
  • If my wife dressed better, would gay guys stop hitting on me? — Amused in North Carolina
  • I used to be funny, but now I’m boring and self-conscious — Self-conscious
  • I’m not sure I have a self. How do I get one? — Missing in action

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