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Welcome to Bangladesh

On 1 May 2017, yours truly became the Country Director (Bangladesh) for Duwell International, an NGO based out of Reno, NV. As such, I’ve relocated an am now living in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Go figure.

As such, I’ll be in charge of Duwell’s entire South Asia operation. Wow! Just a month ago I was a flex-time, part-time bookseller at Barnes & Noble, helping people find the DVD or CD they couldn’t otherwise locate.

I’ve posted a few videos on the new page called Dispatches From Dhaka.

Rodger The Lodger

A pious young lass from Cape Cod,
Thought babies came only from God.
But it wasn’t the Deity,
Who lifted her nightie.
T’was Rodger the lodger, by God.

A partial musical history of Roger Scimé, singer/songwriter/guitarist
A partial history of Roger Scimé, singer/songwriter/guitarist




Is there justice . . . ?

I don’t think the Governor of North Carolina nor its legislature truly understand the absurdity of their so-called “bathroom law.”

Jerry Sandusky is a convicted molester of young boys and was allowed to shower, visit the gender listed on his birth certificate, and do all the things transgendered folk would’t under the statute.

Here’s something I wrote just after Sandusky was arrested.

Jerry Sandusky