Just who is the Roger Scimé guy?

Why Roger Scime?

Roger Scime
Roger Scime

I recently filled out an online job application, and in one of the fields it asked for information about me—about Roger Scime.

Well, I’m originally from New York (Long Island) and have lived in Nevada, via Chicago and Los Angeles, since 1980. Before moving to Reno in 2001, I lived in Las Vegas, where I had dual personae as a professional musician and founder/owner of a website company. Roger Scime: Right-brain, left-brain conundrum.

Roger Scime, writing and other jobs

I’ve always loved to write, both fiction and non-fiction, and although I have little regard for my own scribbles, have managed to convince enough people that my writing is valuable enough that I have been able to make a nice living at it at one time or another.At one time or another, I’ve been an adjunct college professor, a professional musician on the Las Vegas Strip and a session musician in Los Angeles. Roger Scime: The playa!

I’ve been a loan officer in a bank and have repossessed cars in Compton. I’ve handed out samples at Costco, and opened the Apple Store in Reno.

I was a census taker in 2010 and before that, started one of the first online news syndicators in the country. For many years I had a highly successful website design company in Las Vegas.

My most recent job was as in-house ecommerce coordinator for an online retailer located right there in Carson City—so I’m used to the commute While in that position, I wrote 1000s of pages of optimized online content, developed strategic SEO strategies, and was pretty much the all-‘round, go-to, utility writer whenever words were needed. I even used some of my basic Photoshop and iMovie skills in furtherance of the company’s goals.

Roger Scime, songwriter

Roger Scime
Rock on!

I am currently attempting to write one original song per day for a year and have just finished No. 91.