4 Awesome Compliments I Received Regarding My Recent Guest Appearance in a Virtual Classroom*

Roger Scimé, guest lecturerOkay, okay . . . I know I’ve been derelict in keeping this blog up to date. I keep promising to share intriguing, interesting, unique, original, curated, and so-called “remarkable” content, but continue to leave huge gaps.

This time, though, I’m making no promises: I’m just gonna go with the slow and see what happens.

So, then: A few weeks ago, it was my privilege to be invited to be a guest speaker at one of a friend’s online lectures in ethics at The International Academy of Design & Technology. The subject was “The Ethics of Feminism” or some such, and I was to play the part of the archetypal feminist. That was a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, Jerry shared with me a few of the comments he received from students who had either attended in real-time or had listened to a recording afterward. Here they are:

  1. I really enjoyed the guest speakers at the live chat and wish my work schedule would have allowed me more opportunity to attend the live chats
  2. The guest speaker was the highlight of the week; he made the topic “real” and interesting; hope to see more guest speakers like him
  3. The live chat classes were the best, and the most interesting was the guest speaker in week 4 – which I would love to see in more classes. It helps to hear life experiences from others that share your ideas; he was awesome!
  4. Roger in week 4 was our guest speaker. While I could not attend the live chat, I listened and wow! He made it all clear; to hear a real feminist was awesome! I would take the class again just to hear what he and Jerry had to say about other topics. Keep it up!

To say I was jazzed would be a classic understatement. I freely admit that I’m a frustrated academic at heart, and validation like this just makes life a bit more tolerable.

*NOTE: This headline construction is an over-the-top example of link-bait formatting. Of course, the content has to be compelling as well. . . .