Chicken Soup Recipe

Sicilian Chicken Soup (Louise DeMont’s Recipe—Thanks, Mom

(1) Yellow Onion
(5) Carrots
(5) Celery Stalks
Olive Oil
(1) Small Can Tomato Paste
(2) Chicken Breasts (Either Boned & Skinless or With Ribs Attached)
1-2 Cubes of Chicken Bouillon OR (2) 1-Quart Containers of Chicken Stock
Salt & Pepper
Box of small pasta (I prefer ditali, ditalini, orzo, or acine de pepe, but have used “salad macaroni” in a pinch.)
Optional: Parsley, Parmesan Cheese, Romano Cheese

Note: Carrots and Celery, as well as Chicken should be cut coarsely, with the thickest pieces about 3/4″ and chicken about 3/4″ cubed.

I prefer to prep all items (except the chicken breasts) mise en place due to my ADD.

COVER the bottom of a large soup pot in Olive Oil and heat.
SLICE the Onion, not too small or narrow, but about 3/4 – 1″ wide. Separate layers.
Add the Onion and heat to transparency and fragrance, stirring occasionally to avoid burning.

When the Onion has been sufficiently cooked, add the cut-up Carrots, Celery, and Tomato Paste (1 heaping tablespoon), mixing them until the vegetables are all coated with Paste.

Add about an inch of water, dropping 1 bouillon cube into the liquid. If you’re using stock replace the water with 1 quart, but keep a bouillon cube handy just in case. You want to be able to taste chicken.

Add the Whole Chicken Breasts, making sure to coat them with the vegetable/paste mixture as much possible.

Salt & Pepper to Taste.

Cover and Sweat at a low-to-medium heat for 5-10 minutes, making sure the liquid does not boil off.

When your nose and your palate tell you that there’s something cool happening, add more water (or stock) to a comfortable level in the soup pot.

Bring to a boil, lower heat, and simmer for about 15 minutes.

By now, the chicken breasts should be cooked through, so remove them from the pot and let them cool (They’re gonna be hella hot.) Taste the liquid in the pot and adjust seasoning and add additional tomato paste, if desired.

When the chicken breasts have cooled, cut or tear them apart  (by hand) and add them back into the mixture. Again, bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer with the lid half-off.

Keep tasting.

Important: The broth should be a light orange color; if it isn’t, you’ve probably used too little paste.

This next part depends on your preference: You can either pre-cook the pasta in a separate sauce pan pot and add it to the soup on an as-needed basis. Or, you can cook the pasta in the soup, itself.

When the carrots and onions are nice and soft (or al dente, according your preference,) the soup is ready; however, you will still want to score one of the larger chunks of chicken to ensure that it’s thoroughly cooked.

Serve, with the option of topping with a bit of grated Parmesan or Romano cheese or a bit of fresh parsley.

Welcome to Bangladesh

On 1 May 2017, yours truly became the Country Director (Bangladesh) for Duwell International, an NGO based out of Reno, NV. As such, I’ve relocated an am now living in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Go figure.

As such, I’ll be in charge of Duwell’s entire South Asia operation. Wow! Just a month ago I was a flex-time, part-time bookseller at Barnes & Noble, helping people find the DVD or CD they couldn’t otherwise locate.

I’ve posted a few videos on the new page called Dispatches From Dhaka.

Rodger The Lodger

A pious young lass from Cape Cod,
Thought babies came only from God.
But it wasn’t the Deity,
Who lifted her nightie.
T’was Rodger the lodger, by God.

A partial musical history of Roger Scimé, singer/songwriter/guitarist
A partial history of Roger Scimé, singer/songwriter/guitarist




Is there justice . . . ?

I don’t think the Governor of North Carolina nor its legislature truly understand the absurdity of their so-called “bathroom law.”

Jerry Sandusky is a convicted molester of young boys and was allowed to shower, visit the gender listed on his birth certificate, and do all the things transgendered folk would’t under the statute.

Here’s something I wrote just after Sandusky was arrested.

Jerry Sandusky

Just who is the Roger Scimé guy?

Why Roger Scime?

Roger Scime
Roger Scime

I recently filled out an online job application, and in one of the fields it asked for information about me—about Roger Scime.

Well, I’m originally from New York (Long Island) and have lived in Nevada, via Chicago and Los Angeles, since 1980. Before moving to Reno in 2001, I lived in Las Vegas, where I had dual personae as a professional musician and founder/owner of a website company. Roger Scime: Right-brain, left-brain conundrum.

Roger Scime, writing and other jobs

I’ve always loved to write, both fiction and non-fiction, and although I have little regard for my own scribbles, have managed to convince enough people that my writing is valuable enough that I have been able to make a nice living at it at one time or another. Continue reading Just who is the Roger Scimé guy?

In SEO high-quality content counts

High-quality content impacts SEOA few years ago I came across Stone Temple Consulting‘s  Eric Enge interview of Google’s Matt Cutts that dealt with the overriding importance of a website’s having  high-quality content.

During the course of the interview, Eric used an an example he’d employed in some of his SEO presentations, having to do with a person typing “frogs” into Google’s search box and how low-quality sites often failed to deliver the information the searcher was actually looking for.

In Eric’s example, while the text on the pages was technically non-duplicative, the content—the meat—wasn’t. It wasn’t new, it wasn’t original or authoritative. The content on the page added absolutely no value to what the user was seeking. It wasn’t high-quality content, just a regurgitation of what other sites had offered elsewhere. In other words, it could have been written by a monkey with a thesaurus!

Those other sites are not bringing additional value. While they’re not duplicates they bring nothing new to the table. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with what these people have done, but they should not expect this type of content to rank.

Not high-quality content . . .

Here’s Eric’s first example:

Here is some info on frogs:

Frogs are green
Frogs live in water
Frogs like to jump
Frogs are not toads

Thanks for reading our article on frogs

The keyword (as you can easily ascertain) is—of course—”frogs.” Not exactly high-quality content, is it?

Now, here’s a example of how someone might have taken the above and fleshed it out, so as to not receive a duplicate-content penalty.

Eric’s second example:

Frogs are interesting creatures, partly because they are green. Many people do not realize that they are not toads. Frogs like to jump and live in water.

But, frankly, the content is entirely duplicative. The text may be somewhat different, but the content is precisely the same and adds absolutely no value to a searcher’s understanding of frogs.

High-quality content might contain . . .

A post containing high-quality content might have added information about frogs’ different pigmentation (green,) how one differentiates between frogs and toads, how and why they jump, and the types of water features in which they live.

Read the entire interview.

Leave birthright citizenship alone!

THE US CONSTITUTIONDonald Trump,  Gov. Scott Walker,  Gov. Chris Christie, and Sen. Rand Paul (so far) don’t believe that children born in the United States are automatically citizens of the United States. In other words, they are in favor of either “revisiting” or repealing the “birthright citizenship” provisions of the XIV Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Donald Trump, from today’s Huffington Post.

 What happens is [Mexicans], they’re going to have a baby, they move over here for a couple of days, they have the baby — [the lawyers are] saying it’s not going to hold up in court.


I don’t think they have American citizenship and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers — and I know some will disagree — but many of them agree with me and you’re going to find they do not have American citizenship.

Continue reading Leave birthright citizenship alone!

Cary Tennis is still giving amazing advice . . .

Cary Tennis, Writer
The Thinker

A while back I posted a review of Cary Tennis’s book, Since You Asked, a compilation of his columns that appeared in (on?) from 2001-2013.

While Cary no longer writes for Salon, he continues to offer the sanest, most insightful, and empathetic advice online or offline — anywhere—on his own website.

Cary also conducts regular writing workshops, a few of which I have been lucky enough to attend. He also hosts some pretty cool jam sessions.


A billion dollars in Great Britain is worth a trillion dollars in the United States

A billion dollars in Great Britain is worth a trillion dollars in the United States

A billion dollars in the US is worth a trillion dollars in the UK | Roger ScimeNo, this isn’t about international conversion rates, arbitrage, alternative universes, or even alien abductions (I’m only kidding about these last two.) It’s all about the way the different countries count their chickens and eggs.

You see, in the US, $1 billion is equal to 1,000 x $1,000,000, while in Great Britain, it was equal to 1,000,000 (one million) x $1 million. Get it? It’s sort of like the way the Brits like to add “u”s to words that Americans spell with just “o”s like color  (American) vs. colour (British.) Continue reading A billion dollars in Great Britain is worth a trillion dollars in the United States